The horror


Reposted from my Facebook wall. Even though it might be a bit too self-promotional, I think it’s important enough to spread love in these moments that I’ll put my self-awareness aside.

Hope it gives you some comfort:

Patton Oswalt and Mister Rogers have said similar things about Boston, but the thing I find most comforting to hold in my heart at moments like this is that this stupid bullshit does *not* constitute the fundamental quality of the human race.

Humanity is not sick, the world is not depraved, we are not fallen or evil. Because if we were, we’d all celebrate this rather than grieve over it. Sure, we may all, from time to time, be insufficiently concerned with justice and peace, but I think it’s what all of us non-sociopaths want, even if we have different ways of going about it.

And I know this because just about everyone I’ve talked to seems genuinely moved and disturbed by what we’ve seen. It’s at these moments that we realize that we are all connected, that when one of us hurts, we all hurt.

It’d be an even greater blessing if we could take this hurt and let it open our eyes to the idea that violence will never beget anything but violence, regardless of who’s committing it.

Something tells me that’s not going to happen anytime soon, though. So in these moments, the only thing we can do is love each other even more than we did yesterday.

Because that, and not *this*, is why we’re here.

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Check out my piece on an excellent new track by Chicago/L.A. rapper Rockboy K9. For fans of lightning-fast flow and great soul sample flips (Mayer Hawthorne's cover of “Thin Moon" by James Pants, in this case).

I’ll probably be doing a lot more linking than writing from now on, since I started writing for Passion of the Weiss in January.


(For serial, the moderator, Jeff Weiss, is a great dude and one of the best hip-hop writers working today. If you don’t believe me, read his review of the Illmatic reissue for Pitchfork. It’s stunning and evocative, a perfect example of a reviewer rising to the occasion of a great record.

So what I’m saying is: I’m very proud to be contributing.)

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This is a Thing - D’Angelo record will allegedly be done by next month


I’ll believe it when I hear it. Call it Chinese Democracy or, in FACT’s words, “that new My Bloody Valentine record,” or the Arrested Development of R&B: I call it a rumor ‘til it’s real.

(via FACT Magazine)

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View the rest here:

Yeah I’m a 90s kid. What of it. Sometimes you gotta keep it one hundred.


View the rest here:

Yeah I’m a 90s kid. What of it. Sometimes you gotta keep it one hundred.

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New Mixtape - SpaceGhostPurrp: Black Man’s Wealth


At probably the worst possible time (i.e., during end-of-year list season), Black God/alleged racist/certifiable nutcase SpaceGhostPurrp has dropped a new mixtape entitled B.M.W.

Since Purrp can really only rap about getting his dick sucked or, if we’re lucky, god delusions, this shit lives and dies by his production, and what I’ve heard so far doesn’t reach the heights of “Mystical Maze" or "Black God" (or "Pretty Flacko,” but what could). He also seems to have developed an odd taste for bass notes that sound like a soundtrack to cartoon characters stepping through a cave.

It’s probably a grower, though, so I’ll give it a few more spins before I relegate it to the status implied by its place on the release calendar.

Then again, King Louie dropped Drilluminati in the same valley, and that’s an excellent mixtape. But nobody seems to be writing about the new Purrp tape.

Either way, they’re both free! Grab 'em!


SpaceGhostPurrp ‘BMW’

Download HERE

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Read this Now: “George Lazenby” on Sandy Hook and politicization

Not really *that* Lazenby of course, but Married Bond spits some gold bars about the tragedy in Connecticut and the ensuing idiocy.

Read up.


Yeah, listen so so close:

It is not possible to politicize an event when your cause has no opposition. Trying to prevent murder is a cause that nobody opposes. Political activity requires two sides who are opposed.

What does that make the charge that you politicize a mass-murder by demanding gun-control in its wake? It makes the charge of ‘Politicization!’ do exactly what it decries. That one word—‘politicize’—is like a spell. It allows someone to drag an untouchable cause down to a level where it can be opposed. And so, made political. 

This is a shell game. The violence done to common sense by tricks like this one are not meant to win arguments. They’re meant to make argument useless. This is because they lever open enough of a gap between people to make them incomprehensible to one another. The spell works on both sides because it tricks them into arguing with each other. To no effect but stalemate. And the wizard gets to go have a drink so he doesn’t have to imagine some kid’s blood being soaked up by a coloring book.

That gap is

  • where political hay is made 
  • what political cash finances
  • why stalemate is indistinguishable from victory  

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This is a Thing - Danny Mufukin Brown has a new mufukin album coming out next mufukin year



Danny Brown Confirms New Album Title, Names Guest Features and Producers

"The producers he’s listed for Old include Skywlkr, Oh No, Darq E Freaker, Purity Ring, Paul White, and Rustie…[and] as for the guest features, we’ll hear Danny trade vocals with A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kitty Pryde (ed. note: UGH DOUBLE UGH), and Purity Ring’s Megan James.”

But aside from the regrettable Kitty, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yes.

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Old Head - DJ DMD: 25 Lighters Feat. Fat Pat and Lil Keke, Chopped and Screwed

For some reason, it’s just feels like a “25 Lighters” kinda day.

If you’re new, “Lighters” is the song that all the hot young thangs, from it-boy Kendrick Lamar to (of course) Southern classicist Big K.R.I.T., seem to be referencing.

"Chopped and screwed" (RIP to Screw) seems like kind of an idiotic studio fumble, until you hear it applied to the right track. Then it becomes a slice of slow-drip wonderful, the aural equivalent of a zip and a double cup on a hot Houston day. In this case, the C&S take is vastly superior to the original.

Thursday more like Get Throwedsday amiright eh eh?

Listen Up - Trinidad James: That Turn Up, Prod. By Mike Will

As if Trinidad James wasn’t already about to blow the fuck up, the release of this monster Mike Will-produced banger basically ensures a seven-figure signing bonus for the ATL native.

The December 24th release of Mike Will's Est. in 1989 2.5 also caps off a fucking mindblowing year for the 23-year old producer, a year that saw him miraculously saw him leapfrog Hit-Boy as the go-to hot young thang on the boards. In addition to producing one of my favorite Schoolboy Q album tracks and a track whose massive popularity continues to leave me nonplussed, Will also somehow managed to snake his way into my top ten for the year with his so-dumb-it’s-brilliant single “Bandz a Make Her Dance.” For me, listening to “Bandz” was basically the aural equivalent of saying the word “bro,” in that I started doing it ironically and then it just kinda became part of my lifestyle.

"That Turn Up" isn’t my favorite James song I’ve heard so far (that honor would go to the trap-cum-electro "Females Welcomed”), but it would’ve fit nicely on his tremendous, multi-faceted debut mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E. It’s also not really possible to appreciate Trinidad’s full effect without including a picture of dude:image

The Shane MacGowan of rap. Bang this shit with a spiked fuckin’ bat.

Est. in 1989 2.5 is out on Christmas Eve, so you can leave it playing for Santa.

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